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We love photographing the moments that matter

At Roe & Co. we live for capturing the unexpected and fleeting moments of everyday life.  The moments of laughter, or ones that make you smile, and even the ones that make you well up with tears, these are the moments that matter.

Great pictures aren't just for you, they're for your kids, your legacy and future generations. These are moments that won’t last forever, but with photographs, the memories will.


Things are crazy out there right now. We know it; we feel it keenly. We also know that the one thing that brings us undiluted joy right now is our family. It feels like the strangest magic that we can be obsessively checking the news or washing our hands until they’re chapped, and then get pulled into a joyous, laughter-filled dance party by our three-year-old son, Lucas.

Family is powerful, and these stories need to be told now more than ever. So we are offering huge sales on our family portrait sessions, which will allow for some great photos to have and share.

Important Notes:

- You can buy a session at the sale price and claim it at any time for a year. Feel free to put off the shoot until summer, fall foliage... whatever works for you.

- Our motto with all of our work has always been "overprepared so you don't have to be," and that applies now more than ever. We are not only incredibly fastidious in our own habits (including hand-washing and staying at home as much as possible), we will do our darndest to facilitate a clean, safe and fun outing.

- Portraits can be in open-air and uncrowded locations; a local park, your front yard or even your block/street.

- We are really skilled at helping you pose without ever needing to touch you.

- We're the kind of people who keep purell in our cars and bags and haven't been sick in more than 2 years.

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Child & Family Photographer

I am a people person, through and though. Anyone who’s met me will tell you that. Those who know me well will tell you that above all else, family means the world to me. And if you ask my wife about me, she will tell you that I hug and love as hard as I laugh, and that I value all the little details in life. She will also tell you that if she’d let me, I’d invite the whole neighborhood for dinner, every night.

What makes me a great photographer? ....you tell me! Jokes aside, I have years of experience understanding and capturing the stories from people (including world leaders, ahem), documenting their most sincere and tender moments and delivering a collection of images that makes you smile and tear up at the same time. Now that I am a father, I effortlessly connect with kids in a way that allows me to photograph the subtle nuances and expressions that make every child amazing and unique.  

About Allison

Newborn Portrait Specialist

My love for photography is inspired by my love of people. I love connecting with people and documenting the joyous moments of their new beginnings. As a mom, I remember how we felt when we brought our daughter home, her first bath and the first day that dad returned to work. Those little milestones happen so fast, but they’re some of the most important memories that we will one day tell our children. I believe it is a collection and story of images that connect us to the emotions and feelings we embrace as parents.

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