Reston Sports Photography by Roe & Co.

Big league style photos for youth athletes.

We are experts at photographing youth athletes. We fuse our lifelong passion for sports with our arsenal of real-world portrait and commercial photography experience. When combined with our crazy fast post-production and at-home ordering system, we have created an unrivaled approach in the youth sports market. Parents love our photos and league directors love our efficiency and ability to manage all logistics.

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The photos will be uploaded on our website within 1 day after your child’s photos have been taken.

The photographs are sorted by team.  Please find your child’s team then use the numbers and arrows at the bottom of each team gallery to locate your photo.

If you cannot find your child, it can mean a few things. One, your child missed the photo. Two, you are looking at the wrong team. Three, your child was photographed out of schedule during another team’s session. You will need to ask your child more details on when the photo was taken, or browse through each team, and each page until you find him/her.

Certain products are shipped separately and may arrive at different times.

Individual photographs show well at 5×7 and larger while team photographs are best 8×10 or larger.  Wallet-sized prints are small so we suggest zooming the image (under the crop tool) to fill the frame to the inside line.

 Every hockey club will pick a date to hold the “make-up” sessions. This date is usually picked after all the photos have been taken. Be alert for that date so can have your child’s photo taken that day.

If you are unable to make your team photograph please tell your coach to tell the photographer ahead of time.  You will then need to have your photograph taken during a makeup session.  Please inform the photographer BEFORE your picture so they can pose you properly.  Once your images are uploaded online you will need to send an email to with “HOCKEY PLAYER ADD” in the subject line.  In the email indicate which photo to use as the individual and which to photo use as the team.  All digital adds will require a minimum order amount of $25 which will need to be processed through our studio directly before November 20th.  We accept one request per player or coach.  All digital enhancements will be done on or around December 1st.

Yes, you may still order photos from previous years. Please use the link and password that corresponded to each year.

Standard shipping for printed products up to 8×10 is $4.25.  For specialty products like mugs, magnets and buttons the shipping fee is a flat rate of $8.25.  When ordering multiple print items, in certain instances the system will charge two shipping fees.  Please note that this is beyond our control however the second shipping charge will be refunded within 24 hours of your order.

 Standard prints up to 8×10 in size take about 7-10 business days. Products such as key chains, mugs, magnets and such will take longer depending on the item ordered.

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